As soon as we talk to each other while playing Animal Crossing

As soon as we talk to each other while playing Animal Crossing

The stakes, the cuteness, the sense of friendship: These are what have drawn me and millions fans into the franchise. It stands in New Horizons Items stark contrast to the nervous or violent energy that pervades many other video games. That is a reason every new game release within the show is such a event. The recent outpouring of memes, fan artwork, discussion, and rapturous praise for New Horizons in particular reinforces just how much the series has touched lives, chiefly because of just how unassuming it all is.

It's also impossible to ignore how well-timed New Horizons' arrival has turned out to be. When Nintendo announced nearly a year ago that the game will be ready for a spring 2020 release, fans lamented the long wait. Fast-forward to March 20, when New Horizons became available on Nintendo Switch -- as promised -- and that previously scheduled launching felt more fitting than ever.

I had not seen my buddies in over a week once the game eventually became available; I had hardly gone outdoors. The headlines gave me anxiety with every push alert. My friends were excited as I was to perform, staying up until midnight on release day to delve into at exactly the same moment.

As soon as we talk to each other while playing Animal Crossing, we do not wax nostalgic on the fantastic ol' days when we didn't require a life simulation to hang out together. We simply chat excitedly about whose island contains that animal people inhabiting it, which fruits we picked daily, or that fish we found swimming in the sea. It took half an hour of chopping in trees to collect all the substances, but I loved every moment. Nothing else mattered except having a wonderful time doing this, and building this new bed that was adorable. You can hear me talk more about the game on's podcast Reset by Recode. Listen to the episode here.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review - Island Getaway

Having such a healthy game during a poor time has been something of a blessing for a whole lot of people, myself included, and I'd be lying if I said it has not affected how I perform New Horizons. I find myself turning into the game during the night when I can not sleep, or throughout the day when I'm stressed and I need a buy Animal Crossing Items break. More frequently than not, an villager or a sense of achievement from completing my actions will cheer up me.