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A new variant of Madden 21 coins implies new players joining the exclusive 99 evaluation club. This season, at least four gamers will be awarded the honor. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, Stephon Gilmore, cornerback for the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomass, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Green Bay Packers quarterback Davante Adams have received their badges of honour from Madden already.

EA Sports tweeted more than four players will be at the club this season, but have not yet confirmed who others are.

It's considered a perfect score from the sport and is something only a handful of Buy Mut 21 coins players achieve. This past year, four players had the evaluation. Being part of the club is much more than just bragging rights, as this season they were given a black box with a"99" chain from EA Sports.