The principle of player rating correspondence in Madden 21

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The NFL Finals is about to begin. They will play the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After EA released Madden 21 at the end of August last year, they have added many players to the game one after another. Some of these players can indeed change the players’ lineup, and some are just overestimated. It has spent a lot of Madden 21 Coins from players to promote its own strength. The ratings of many players have also changed some time ago, and the impact on players is very large.

In the past six months, players are now at different competitive levels due to differences in the degree of effort and the direction of effort. And the NFL players are too, some players are as good as ever, and some players only highlight for a short period. As we all know, it bases the ratings of players in Madden 21 on their daily game performance. The higher the overall rating, the stronger the player’s strength. The top of the list is the six existing superstars in the 99 club.

Followed by the stars rated 90 to 98, their strength is generally one of the best players in their respective positions. The players with ratings of 80 to 89 are above average, and there are also some players with high cost performance that are very suitable for players with special preferences. Most players currently use players with a rating of approximately 70 to 79. After all, the prices of players with ratings above this level are a bit too high.

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